The Story of Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab was started by Stefan and Wehrner Gutstadt in 2009, when after much searching their craving for high quality coffee remained unsatisfied.

Small batch coffee roasting hadn't taken off yet in South Africa, so the daunting and fairly unchartered notion to roast one's own green coffee beans was a tall order. Nevertheless, they applied their expertise in researching machine manufacturers to establish a suitable tool for the job.

Diedrich quickly became the leading choice, thanks to their detail driven focus. Software developed specially for roasting supports the process and allows for consistency to be at the fore. Roasting coffee is a tactile process; the beans transform in front of your eyes over a matter of minutes, and while there are standards that one strives to achieve, it takes a good machine to provide an even roast time after time.

With the right tool, it was onto the sourcing of beans. Sevenoaks Trading are leaders in South Africa for the import and distribution of green coffee beans from a wide list of origins. Expert advice and a process of elimination lead it to our preferred list of 10 coffees. And from there our roast profile was developed to produce our house blend. Given the journey all had pursued to arrive at a satisfying cuppa Jo, we saw fit to give it primary status in naming it Alpha. 



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