Fathers Day | June 2022

Fathers Day | June 2022

Fathers Day is here and we are working on something special. Fathers play a big role in our lives and often guide our homes along the right path. A fathers love is guiding, disciplinary and stern but at the same time also overflowing in every way. 

Dad's are the pillars of strength in our households and ensuring that their mornings are easier than ever is the least we can do for them; that is why we believe, a strong, excellent cup of coffee to start off their day is crucial for success. 

Coffee Lab has worked on on a Fathers Day Special for our coffee loving fathers out there. The special includes: 

  1. 250g bag of Alpha Blend 
  2. 250g bag of Omega Blend
  3. 250g bag of Sigma Blend
  4. 250g Bag of Single Origin Columbia Excelso 

All of these would normally cost R450 but we are going to sell them for R390.00

The worlds finest coffee blends delivered straight to your door or available for collection. 

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