Coffee Lab Enters the Aurora Taste Challenge

The Aurora International Taste Challenge was established to recognise food and drink excellence internationally while helping consumers purchase award-winning, expertly-rated products with confidence. The fourth Aurora International Taste Challenge 2022 was held in South Africa to celebrate and honour universal food quality.

Some of the categories that will be evaluated include: 

  • Alcoholic beverages including beer & spirits
  • Olives & Olive Oil
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Meat & Dairy products

And much more!

The competition is recognised internationally and allows organisations to compete with one another on a global scale. The event is sponsored by a number of excellent partners including Weber, DHL & Hendricks to name a few. 

Coffee Lab in the Aurora Taste Challenge

Coffee Lab decided to enter the Aurora Taste Challenge with our three signature blends, Alpha, Omega & Sigma. Coffee Labs coffee is produced in-house by Culinary Table Head Chef & Roaster, Daniela Gutstadt; the blends provide a variety of taste sensations and are suitable for all types of coffee lovers. 

Coffee Lab

Alpha blend is our flagship coffee and includes a blend of premium high-altitude arabica coffee beans from Africa, Asia and Central America. It is an all-rounder and light in acidity. Omega Blend is a safe option for any coffee fanatic, with high-altitude Arabica coffee beans of only African origin, you are sure to experience light to medium roast with a vibrant aroma. Sigma seeks to make a statement with a blend of specifically selected Arabica coffee beans from the Americas. 

Coffee Lab Awards

All three of the above-mentioned blends were submitted for the Aurora Taste Challenge and we are proud to announce that all three of the blends were given the Gold Medal for the Aurora International Taste Challenge. Coffee Lab is honoured to receive these awards and will continue to produce coffee that meets the highest standards.

Coffee Lab Alpha: Gold Award

Coffee Lab Omega: Gold Award 

Coffee Lab Sigma: Gold Award

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