Coffee Lab Colours and Coffee Flavour Wheel

Coffee Lab Colours

Coffee Lab made a colourful transition from black and white into a swirl of colours. The vibrant colour flow blends into the Grafitti art and the coffee labels.

Breaking Down the Coffee Color Wheel

Scroll down, and you’ll get a glimpse of the coffee world Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel. It is a visually appealing chart showing a vast array of coffee taste notes.

Created in 1995. The chart is a collective work of scientists, researchers, coffee experts, roasters and coffee drinkers. Any coffee lover can use the chart and apply its descriptors to a good cup of coffee.

To use the wheel, start in the centre and work outwards. 

When you look at the wheel, you can see a vast array of taste notes: 

Divided into categories that group as a whole, but are also divided by detail. Coffee flavour is a complex, and personal matter.

The possibilities are extensive. 
And depending on your flavour references, your experience will differ from someone else's. 

Why do all these flavours matter?

With so many flavour options, you can use the chart to pair coffee blends with certain kinds of food. It is like food and wine pairings. Specific blends pair well with different foods. 

Ready to identify flavours? 

Drink a cup of Coffee Lab coffee. Look at the Flavor Wheel and see if you can identify your favourite coffee flavours. Start in the middle and work outwards. 

The Coffee Lab Labels

A colour scheme was inspired by those used in design and artworks from the 1950s to the 1970s. 

The labels evolved, you might notice Mid-century colour combinations when you pick up your coffee pack, but we also wanted to indicate corresponding flavour notes from the Coffee Flavour Wheel. A swirl of colour with different shapes, textures and movements blends into each design, provoking references to what you may smell and taste. 

It is the pursuit of harmony between visual and taste sensors.

Coffee Lab blends are the coffee you want to drink to punctuate your day.
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