Happy Breakfast Coffee Brewing

The fast pace life requires a necessary stimulant to keep our bodies moving. It is among the highest traded products, second only to another liquid asset, oil. While oil fuels our movement, so does coffee fuel our brain. Grown in South America, Africa, and eastern Asia, the world spends fortunes to keep its coffee supply stocked up.

Coffee originated around the 15th century. Since then, coffee has become a dietary supplement and cultural activity. From a plant to bean, roasting to grounded powder and into your cup.

The answer to a happy day can be a calm or structured morning routine. A coffee morning routine energizes, refreshes, and adds a strong energy buzz.

coffee and rusks

Coffee for breakfast

Most of us start our day with coffee.

Hand grinding?

Manual brewing?

Why so much effort?

Because it takes longer to grind and be a part of the brewing process to enjoy coffee.

Keeping your hands busy is a way of appreciating the coffee process.

It's downtime from a device because you keep your hands busy preparing the energized dark liquid that will help you take on the day.


Visualize what you want


What kind of coffee?

There are so many options.

Try different options because it's a few minutes you have almost all to yourself in the morning to enjoy a delicious coffee.

Coffee meditation

Making and sipping your first coffee of the day is like meditation. You have a minute to sit in silence, engage, and encourage peaceful thoughts in the morning.

It's a meditative practice that allows you to breathe before you tackle life's responsibilities.

Small Morning routines

Make it simple. Life is chaotic. A coffee moment is rewarding and a moment of composure before you disappear into the daily grind.

Morning silence comes in the form of grinding coffee beans and prepping your French press for your morning brew. It is one of the essential parts of every morning. A coffee ritual will force you to slow down and appreciate the moment.


If that is your thing, coffee will help boost your energy levels.

Coffee is not a healthy substitute for breakfast. You need the nutrition of a well-balanced breakfast to carry you through your day and give you energy for your workout.

It's best to eat something before you have your first-morning coffee. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is also fine.

Exercise is also a great way to wear out that late coffee in the day.

Healthy coffee

Coffee has many health benefits. Various studies show that daily coffee drinkers can lower their risk of Alzheimer's, dementia, and Parkinson's. Drinking many cups of coffee can help avoid cirrhosis of the liver.

Coffee even proved vital to combat terminal prostate cancer.

Coffee with love

Making a coffee is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Making coffee a go-to morning ritual is a sensory and happy endorphins routine. There are few things better in life than the aroma and taste of your first coffee filling your soul.

A reward.

Click the link below to add Coffee blends to your morning routine.

Happy Breakfast Coffee brewing.

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