Have you seen Coffee Lab's Graffiti art?

Where Coffee flows, productivity grows, and more than roasted caffeine flows.


Graffiti art

Part of the Coffee Lab transition story is the visual expression. 

And the man behind the Graffiti Art is Falko. 

Falko Graffiti Artist

Driving around Cape Town, you would have seen colourful and expressive Graffiti Art.

Falko's trademark is the clever integration of the environment or architecture.

Graffiti art has an architectural element of its own. The artworks have a scale that helps to tell a visual story.

A splash of vibrant colours.


And impressive.

Finding the perfect locations

Falko is a graffiti artist hailing from Mitchells Plain in Cape Town. He spends a lot of time moving around the Cape, finding old dumpsters, broken buildings and houses to form part of his canvases. Many of his artworks exist in remote areas.

His work is colourful and playful. He transforms overlooked walls or structures into a new dimension. 

Falko's colourful and uplifting artworks transform spaces. The artwork reinvigorates the villages, towns, and cities with irony, happiness and innovation. 

The graffiti king of Cape Town recently finished two pieces at Culinary Table.

The Culinary Table Graffiti Art

How did Falko and the Coffee Lab collaboration happen?

Daniela worked on UCT Rag in 2009 while studying at the University of Cape Town. A tunnel of Graffiti art connecting upper and middle campuses became destined for a commissioned piece. Falko painted the tunnel mural for free to help promote the Sax Appeal magazine. Sax Sells!

Years later, Daniela reached out to Falko and asked him to visit Culinary Table when he next travelled to Johannesburg for work. The paint flowed.

The Coffee Lab Graffiti Story

To link the elements at Coffee Lab, Falko painted the exhaust of the Coffee roaster into a French press.

The contextual visual combines Culinary Table's custom-designed coffee cup, roosters, sourdough bread and food from the deli. You can find all the delicacies inside.   

On the other side of the wall, you will find the Coffee Lab Roastery. In this space, the roastery has the signature Elephant painted by Falko.

Falko's signature is the Elephant

In this context, she [the elephant] is a coffee tree. Her trunk merges with the trunk of a coffee tree. A branch that contains ripe coffee beans extends towards the hopper of the Diedrich roaster, where the green beans transform into freshly roasted Coffee, as we all know and crave.

You can see more of Falko's incredible works here https://www.instagram.com/falko1graffiti/ 

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